Big Jackpot 75 and 90 Bingo Games in Sundae Bingo Room

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sundae bingo

Who doesn’t love a sundae? They’re a tasty treat made for the summer months. And, as we’re now into the summer months, what better than to check our Sundae Bingo, an online gaming site that we hope will give us a sugar rush as we play the various games on the platform.

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again, we love bingo sites that have a bit of a theme to them. So, yes, there are plenty of good platforms that don’t, but the ones that do stand out for us. And, as you will expect, the theming continues into the site’s design, so in this case, there are plenty of sundaes on show.

Bingo Rooms

So, we’ve grabbed our sundae, and now we’re ready to play some bingo. We want a busy and buzzing lobby because it adds to the experience when you’re in a room with loads of others. And that’s what we get.

Punters visiting Sundae Bingo will have access to the sweetest versions of the game, in 75 and 90 ball. And there are plenty of excellent rooms to step into, depending on how much you want to spend. And how much you want to win. The £1K Mondays Room is our pick because of the jackpot, but the Last Call Bingo with 1p tickets isn’t a bad shout either.


You could look at slot game son a bingo platform as a bit of a treat in many ways. They’re the topping on the sundae, the sprinkles on top, just adding to what is already a fantastic experience.
There are over 300 slot machine games for players to spin the reels of, and punters won’t be left playing the same ones repeatedly because there are so many to choose from. The slots all come with different genres, too, with Lucky Lassie taking on an Irish theme, while Capital Gains is all about cash.


We described the slot games that punters can play being the topping on the sundae, and the final thing to add is the cherry. And that’s where promotions come into the mix. We always make sure to mention the welcome offer because new players demand one, and they will get one that contains multiple perks at Sundae Bingo.

But, there is plenty more to go at where rewards are concerned on this platform. There is monthly cashback available, perks for loyalty, as well as daily bonuses. However large or small, the list of promotions is a comprehensive one, to say the least.


We love sundaes, and we love treats. And Sundae Bingo is the latter in our books. You build a sundae from the bottom up, adding things along the way, and it’s what happens on this platform, starting with an accessible and easy to navigate website.

Then you have the lobby of bingo rooms, all of which provide something different to each other, be it the ticket price, jackpot, or the buzz of the community inside. Throw the video slots on top for good measure, and pop a promotion or two on there, and you have a sweet treat worth tasting.

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