The Late Night Show Bingo Room

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late night show bingo game

Betting enthusiasts in Great Britain can participate in a nightly competition at 12:45 AM (GMT +1) by playing the Late Show Bingo Room. These individuals will experience an exciting & profitable 90-Ball variant, meaning that playing cards comprise of five columns with twenty-seven numbered positions.

Residents in Great Britain showing interest for the Late Show Bingo Room can subject 30+ of their monthly tickets towards this title. This amplifies the opportunity of winning the collective jackpot of £100. If players were to exploit this daily jackpot without fail throughout the month, payouts would escalate to £3,000.

Room Details – How to Get in and Play

Players choosing the Late Show Bingo Room have fifteen minutes prior to 12:45 AM to purchase their entry ticket. It’ll cost £1.00 for these tickets, making this bingo room one of the cheapest offered by Dragonfish Gaming. However, there’s exclusively seventy-five placements available per night for the Late Show. This means that acquiring your tickets within that fifteen-minute timeframe is consequential.

There’ll be four payout combinations listed for the Late Show Bingo Room. These prizes are typically acquired within one hour, as competitions don’t exceed past 1:45 in the morning. Those payout opportunities comprise of:

  • Full House – £50.00
  • Two Line – £30.00
  • One Line – £20.00

For bettors to acquire the maximum payout of £100, two Full House combinations are required. In other words, two columns must be fulfilled. That would require fifty-four numbered positions being called out by the random number generator. Though possible, triggering two Full House’s requires luck.

Terms & Conditions

    • Residents in Northern Ireland aren’t permitted to accessing this bingo room.
    • Two Punters reaching the £100 payout will result in prizes being divided.
    • Promoters retain the contingency of disqualifying/excluding any player.
    • An online bingo room reserves the right modifications & cancellations without prior notice to players.
  • The regulations stipulated for the Late Room are governed by the Gibraltar Gaming Authority.
  • No turnover requirement is instituted, meaning that deposit balances are withdrawable at any time.

Final Thoughts

Engaging with the Late Show Bingo Room means an accommodating experience waits for registered members. There isn’t a demo variant for this bingo game, meaning real-money wagers are exclusively accepted. But the costs to purchase tickets doesn’t exceed £1.00 to ensure equal access for all residents in Great Britain. There are few betting options in Britain that can rival the lowered cost of the Late Show Bingo Room, making this game an exciting option for enthusiasts of the classic card game.

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