The Big £10,000 Bingo Game Room

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the big £10.000

Expose yourself to an exciting bingo competition by playing the Big £10k. This event takes place on the 10th of every month, providing registered bettors with an opportunity to win a percentage of the £10,000.00 jackpot prize. For individuals interested in this monthly tournament, they’ll need to familiarize themselves with 90-Ball Bingo.

After joining this tournament, UK Punters will receive a bingo card that’s positioned with 90 Numbers. Those numbers lead towards payouts as the online casino’s virtual system calls out positions on the card. It’ll be required that players have a unified line of numbers for payouts to become triggered. Otherwise, Full Houses will become a favourable prize amongst players. To learn about the additional payout opportunities for this monthly competition, look below.

Loyalty Level

There’ll be multiple online casinos & bingo halls that support The Big £10,000. As such, consumers in the United Kingdom have a variety in what establishment they’ll be able to choose from each month. We recommend selecting one of our verified brands, as the loyalty plan rewards upwards of ten tickets. These tickets act as entries into the competition, amplifying the urgency to become a top loyalty member. For loyal players, they’ll acquire the following tickets based on their ranking:

  • Bingo Pro – Two Tickets.
  • Bingo Master – Five Tickets.
  • Bingo Champion – Ten Tickets.

Players acquire these tickets throughout the month, with a maximum of ten tickets allowed on the Big £10k. This ensures fair betting for thousands of British Bettors. Furthermore, tickets aren’t issued until the event begins at 20:00 GMT. Once those tickets are issued to consumers, it’s considered as constituted participation. This means that players will agree towards respecting the Terms & Conditions.

Payout Structure

There are five payout possibilities in the Big £10,000.00 Bingo Competition. These prizes are distributed amongst bettors until an accumulated value of £10k has been reached. Afterwards, the tournament closes out for another month. This format ensures that bettors receive their equal share, with most averaging £500.00 in prizes. Regardless, the payout structure established for the Big £10k is as follows:

  • One-Line Payouts – £250.00
  • Two-Line Payout – £500.00
  • Full House Payout – £750.00
  • 2TG Payout – £1,500.00
  • 1TG Payout – £2,000.00

Terms & Conditions

Below are the following regulations that players must abide by when joining the Big £10,000 Tournament. If these terms aren’t followed, players can be disqualified.

  • The entry fee requirement is listed at £10.00 per player.
  • Bettors located in Northern Ireland aren’t permitted to access this promotion.
  • The Big £10k is available by invitation only. Players will receive a Free Card Invite.
  • This promotional tournament is valid each month until Midnight. The timeframe can become extended solely by the discretion of management.
  • Online casinos & online bingo halls reserve the right to cancel, modify or suspend this promotion without previously informing players.
  • The General Terms & Conditions, Bonus Policy, and Withdraw Policy associated to the Big £10,000 apply.

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